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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Teh Instructions

Hi! About the "Teh" in the title...first it was a mistake but I thought it was cool so I left it there. So anyway, what you've all been waiting for is in this post... TEH INSTRUCTIONS! There it is again. Anyway, here they are:

How to play:
.The object of the game is to conquer all of your foes and gain control of the board.

.To start out, select an energy crystal (a yellow square.) and place your command center somewhere inside the line surrounding the crystal. You start out with $300 and 3 light soldiers. Once you do one of the following actions,( Or all of them.) your turn is up: Build a building, buy a unit, move a unit,(or you can move an entire group at once.) or you can just collect your income.

.The first thing you should do is make sure you have some sort of cash income. To do that simply build a power plant. (power plants and any other buildings have to be placed inside an energy crystal’s  line surrounding the crystal.)Note: one power plant per crystal, to make multiple, you have to have at least a light soldier in the line with the power plant until it is built.

.Once you have a power plant of some sort (I suggest you have multiple if possible.) you should create an army.

.Once you have a good army, then you should begin conquering armies. To conquer an army, you have to destroy all of that army’s buildings and units.
.If your army is conquered, you are out.

.You can have an ally! Allies are great, one less army to destroy, when you work together it is much easier to destroy armies, and you can even donate money! 

.Speed is measured by a ruler. You can move a unit as many inches as it’s speed is every turn. You can also move entire armies at once, but just one group!

There is also a battling paper, which will be put in another post.

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