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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

GOOD NEWS!!! And overdue news.

Hi guys! First of all, SO sorry for not posting for SUCH a long time. Second, I have GREAT FABULOUS AWESOME NEWS!!! WE ARE COMING HOME 2 MONTHS EARLIER!!!!!!!!!!! IN LIKE 60 DAYS!!!!! I can't wait! And other things that I should have talked about a LONG time ago. First of all, I TURNED 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DOUBLE DIGITS!!!!!!!!! I got this CRAZY AWESOME game called "Risk" If you have ever played it, you know how awesome the game is. 5 STAR AWESOME!!!
Here are pics of my birthday

Here I am opening my camera (it also came with batteries and a memory card)
 Here I am opening my angry birds wallet and looking at what's inside
 Here I am with risk (I LOVE risk)
 Here I am with the cake (candles unlit)

 Here is another pic of the cake (candles lit)
Here is another pic of the cake (candles blown out)

That's all,
P.S. I will put another post as well as a poll on my Blog later.