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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

More "The Conquerors" Pics

Hi! Here are more pics:
In the first pic, blue is attacking red's base:
In the next pic is reds base that is being destroyed:
The battle of the navy is shown above:
Here are blue's soldiers and tanks:
That's all the pics for now, 


Caden said...

Hi Isaac,
I forgot to tell you yesterday that I'm your 2nd cousin. My mom is your Dad's cousin! My mom, Alison, told me you are coming home in November to visit so I'm sure I will see you at Great Grandma & Grandpa's house! Have you made anything cool lately? My favorite thing I've ever built was a castle I designed myself. Do you have a favorite?

Isaac said...

Hi Caden,
Cool, and cool! We are coming home Nov. 1st, but we'll be in Iowa Nov. 9th and 10th. Hope that's enough to meet you. I don't know if you could call what I've built lately COOL, but my latest creation has been a spaceship boarding dock, along with two microships. Do you play ROBLOX? It's my favorite website. My favorite thing I've built so far is a track from a game. Do you have a blog? If so, I will check it out.
Your cousin, (or 2nd cousin)

I'm Katie B. said...

Very cool Isaac. And yes I voted. Have you tried Icivics yet?

Caden said...

Yes I do have a Blog.My title name is Caden's Corner.

Isaac said...

Hi Katie and Caden,
(For Katie) Assuming since you won't be replying soon since you only do blogs on Fridays, this is mostly for Caden. But this is for you: What are Icivics? (For Caden) Could you send me a link? I can't find it, but I'll keep trying.
Your cousin (and friend)

Caden said...

My link is

Isaac said...


My name is Luke Burchett. said...

That's really cool!!!!!!!

crazychloe said...

cool game