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Thursday, October 25, 2012


Hi! I made a new LEGO game ALL BY MYSELF! What I mean by all by my self means that I made the rules up and everything. Anyway, it is called Code. It is only 2 players. :( Anyway, one person is called the "Code Maker" and the other one is the "Code Solver".The Code Maker wants to make a tough code so that the Code solver can't solve it. The code solver wants to try to solve the code with the clues he is given.
That's all I wanted to say,
P.S. I will try to put a video on how to play on another post.


Hi! I decided not to put on the Building and Units papers.
That's all I wanted to say,

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Just to let you know...

Just to let you know...if you think the instructions and battling paper are too complicated, tell me in a comment ON THIS POST. You can also vote "no" on the poll.
That's all,


Here is the battling paper:

.To battle, simply have an enemy unit or building get in your range, and you will start firing. Who wins depends on 4 things: reload speed, damage, health, and range.
.When you are in battle, reload speed is how many times you fire during a turn. If a units reload speed is 3, it will fire 3 times in a turn. (Meaning not just your turn, but every turn.)
.Damage is how much damage you do with each one of your shots. If your unit has 2 reload speed and 25 damage, every turn it will do 50 damage.
.Health is important. If your unit has 900 health, and it gets shot by a unit with 2 reload speed and 50 damage, it will have 800 health left. If the health number of a unit or building drops to 0, then it is destroyed and removed from the board.
.Range is how faraway you can shoot at an enemy. If one of your units has range 3, while an opponent’s is range 2, you can fire at it without it firing at you.
.If you win a battle but some of your unit or buildings have lost any health, than they remain like that unless they are healed or repaired.

That's all of the battling paper for now, I will remove the poll and put a new one in it's place "Should I include building/units? If you want me to include the buildings/units papers, vote yes. There will also be a "no" option, and an "idc" (stands for I don't care) option.
That's all, 

Teh Instructions

Hi! About the "Teh" in the title...first it was a mistake but I thought it was cool so I left it there. So anyway, what you've all been waiting for is in this post... TEH INSTRUCTIONS! There it is again. Anyway, here they are:

How to play:
.The object of the game is to conquer all of your foes and gain control of the board.

.To start out, select an energy crystal (a yellow square.) and place your command center somewhere inside the line surrounding the crystal. You start out with $300 and 3 light soldiers. Once you do one of the following actions,( Or all of them.) your turn is up: Build a building, buy a unit, move a unit,(or you can move an entire group at once.) or you can just collect your income.

.The first thing you should do is make sure you have some sort of cash income. To do that simply build a power plant. (power plants and any other buildings have to be placed inside an energy crystal’s  line surrounding the crystal.)Note: one power plant per crystal, to make multiple, you have to have at least a light soldier in the line with the power plant until it is built.

.Once you have a power plant of some sort (I suggest you have multiple if possible.) you should create an army.

.Once you have a good army, then you should begin conquering armies. To conquer an army, you have to destroy all of that army’s buildings and units.
.If your army is conquered, you are out.

.You can have an ally! Allies are great, one less army to destroy, when you work together it is much easier to destroy armies, and you can even donate money! 

.Speed is measured by a ruler. You can move a unit as many inches as it’s speed is every turn. You can also move entire armies at once, but just one group!

There is also a battling paper, which will be put in another post.

Monday, October 15, 2012


Hi! I just wanted to tell you all; I added a new blog to my favorite blog list! It is called Caden's corner. Please check it out. It is my 2nd cousin's blog.
That's all for now,
P.S. Plz plz plz plz plz plz plz check it out. :D

Sunday, October 14, 2012


I know I have not been posting Any way, I just wanted to tell you; EXPECT MORE POSTS SOON! :)
That's all for now,
P.S. Seriously, expect more posts soon. And I mean REALLY soon.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

More "The Conquerors" Pics

Hi! Here are more pics:
In the first pic, blue is attacking red's base:
In the next pic is reds base that is being destroyed:
The battle of the navy is shown above:
Here are blue's soldiers and tanks:
That's all the pics for now, 

Monday, October 8, 2012

The Conquerors

Hi! I don't know if I told you about this yet, but if I didn't, I should have by now. :( Well, let's get to the point. I BUILT MY OWN GAME!!!!! WOOOOO! It is called The Conquerors. Here are some pics:
Me with The Conquerors:
Ground level view:
Aerial view:
The following pics are close ups, the first pic is green's base:
The second is yellow and black's well defended oil claim:
The next is yellow and black's P.P. (pp stands for power plant.) base along with a turret:

Finally, here are red planes flying by a red P.P.:

That's all for now,
P.S. The map shown above is not the only map, there is also a desert map, a grassland map, and a cave map.
P.P.S. I will probably include those maps in another post.
P.P.P.S. I will post the rules, how to play, etc, that is, if you want me too.
P.P.P.P.S. I will put up a poll for the P.P.P.S. decision.
P.P.P.P.P.S. The poll is called "Should I include the instructions?"

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Bean Plant

Hi guys! I'm growing my own bean plant! (I actually started growing it about a week and a half ago, but today I just felt like posting about it.) To be exact, I'm growing a garbanzo bean plant. Anyway, garbanzo bean plants must grow SUPER fast, because I just planted a little over a week ago, and it is already SO HUGE!!! It is already about 3/4 of a foot high!

 Here is a pic of pumpkin painting:
Here's my bean plant:
That's all,