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Thursday, May 31, 2012

The First Day of Grammy and Papa's Visit

Hi! I have a few things to tell you all. First, sorry about not posting for such a LONG time. :( Second, I have some pics to show you of our time with Grammy and Papa. Here they are!:

Naomi Waiting for them to arrive:
 All of us waiting for them to arrive:
 Naomi giving mom her "Thumbs Up":
 When they arrived Grammy and Papa had some stuff to give to Andrew and Naomi:
 Our family picture:
 Caleb got Rice Crispies:
 Us at Bobshamalinies (Which is a restaurant):
Cool, huh?
P.S. I'll post about the rest of the stuff we did later.


Hi! In return for the letters the church sent, we (Me and Caleb.) have made some things to give the people in church in return. Anyway, Mr. Simpson here for a while (I think it's for his job.) and he is going to take them back to church for us!

That's all I have to tell you,

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A new kind of Trivia

Hi! I just felt making some trivia today. Really, it's  pretty similar to the kind of Trivia I used to use. Anyway, Here's how you do it: first I type something, for example if I type "building blocks" then I will put 3 Things at the bottom, like, tool        toy          other. You have to choose which one  of the ones at the bottom matches the best with the one at the top.( I will have a chosen subject for each string of Trivia.) Anyway, sorry about how long it took to explain the new type of Trivia. :( I just kinda felt like inventing it today. Today's Trivia will be called "No change, Partial change, or Complete change"  (N,P,or C, for short) I was inspired by my science book today. Well this is about how the top word grows. No change is when it doesn't go through a change of shape at all, just gets bigger. Partial change means to change a little, but not completely. Complete change is when something completely changes. If the animal/ insect lays eggs, the eggs do not count as a change. Ready?

1. Frogs

N          P          C

2. Dogs

N          P          C

3. Flies

N          P          C

4. Bees

N          P          C

5. Lions

N          P          C

6. Starfish

N          P          C


Guess what! Grammy and Papa are going to be her in LESS THAN ONE DAY!!!!!!!!!! WE ARE GOING TO DO SO MUCH STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (If you can crack  the codes in my last post then you can see where we are going,((Only the even numbered codes will tell you what we are doing with them.)) can you crack them?) Anyway, that's all I have to tell you,