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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A new kind of Trivia

Hi! I just felt making some trivia today. Really, it's  pretty similar to the kind of Trivia I used to use. Anyway, Here's how you do it: first I type something, for example if I type "building blocks" then I will put 3 Things at the bottom, like, tool        toy          other. You have to choose which one  of the ones at the bottom matches the best with the one at the top.( I will have a chosen subject for each string of Trivia.) Anyway, sorry about how long it took to explain the new type of Trivia. :( I just kinda felt like inventing it today. Today's Trivia will be called "No change, Partial change, or Complete change"  (N,P,or C, for short) I was inspired by my science book today. Well this is about how the top word grows. No change is when it doesn't go through a change of shape at all, just gets bigger. Partial change means to change a little, but not completely. Complete change is when something completely changes. If the animal/ insect lays eggs, the eggs do not count as a change. Ready?

1. Frogs

N          P          C

2. Dogs

N          P          C

3. Flies

N          P          C

4. Bees

N          P          C

5. Lions

N          P          C

6. Starfish

N          P          C


I'm Katie B. said...

I learned this to....

1. C
2. N
3. P
4. C
5. N
6. P

Let me know. post a comment?

My name is Luke Burchett. said...

1c 2p 3p 4p 5n 6n

stacie said...
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Isaac said...

Everybody ready for the Trivia answers? Here they are!







There you are! It's getting late, so That's all I'm gonna say tonight, so Bye!

I'm Katie B. said...

I got 2 wrong! Not bad....