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Thursday, October 18, 2012


Here is the battling paper:

.To battle, simply have an enemy unit or building get in your range, and you will start firing. Who wins depends on 4 things: reload speed, damage, health, and range.
.When you are in battle, reload speed is how many times you fire during a turn. If a units reload speed is 3, it will fire 3 times in a turn. (Meaning not just your turn, but every turn.)
.Damage is how much damage you do with each one of your shots. If your unit has 2 reload speed and 25 damage, every turn it will do 50 damage.
.Health is important. If your unit has 900 health, and it gets shot by a unit with 2 reload speed and 50 damage, it will have 800 health left. If the health number of a unit or building drops to 0, then it is destroyed and removed from the board.
.Range is how faraway you can shoot at an enemy. If one of your units has range 3, while an opponent’s is range 2, you can fire at it without it firing at you.
.If you win a battle but some of your unit or buildings have lost any health, than they remain like that unless they are healed or repaired.

That's all of the battling paper for now, I will remove the poll and put a new one in it's place "Should I include building/units? If you want me to include the buildings/units papers, vote yes. There will also be a "no" option, and an "idc" (stands for I don't care) option.
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