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Friday, August 10, 2012


R1: I have lots of keys but not a single lock,
I can express your feelings but I cannot talk.
What am I?

R2: I have hands and a face, but no ears or eyes,
I can tell you something important, like when to sleep and rise.
What am I?

R3: I'm in most people's houses, and I look just like you,
I can be square, round, or even rectangle too!
What am I?


Grammy said...

Okay Mr. Riddle maker,
I think the first riddle is a piano, the second is a clock and I am guessing the third is a mirror?
bang, bang

Isaac said...

Once again, I will only tell if you are right or wrong once everyone's posted their answers. Sorry again.

Isaac said...

I assume Katie and Luke won't ever post their answers on here so her you go:
There you go!