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Friday, August 10, 2012


Hi! Using the clues below, can you solve the puzzles? To solve it, the clues half-tell where some letters are. Figure out where each letter is to solve each puzzle. (Some puzzles may include more than one word.) I just picked random words, too. :)

P1 C1: The first letter is a B.
P1 C2: There are 7 letters in the word.
P1 C3: Not one letter is in this word two times.
P1 C4: The 4th letter is a C.
P1 C5: The letter before the last is an N.
P1 C6: The letter to the left of the C is an L.
P1 C7: The rest of the letters are: A, O, and Y.


P2 C1: This is a puzzle with two words.
P2 C2: One of the words is a number.
P2 C3: The number starts with an F.
P2 C4: The second word is an animal.
P2 C5: The first letter is a D, and the word is plural.
P2 C6: The 3d letter of the second word is a C.
P2 C7: The other letters are: V, I, E, U, K, and S.
____ _____

That's all for now,


stacie said...
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Grammy said...

Well, the first puzzle answer is balcony.
The second one is a mystery to me! I guessed the number is probably four or five or could be fifty. The second word I cannot make out. Help!
Love, Grammy

Isaac said...

I can't tell the second answer until everyone has posted their answers. Sorry.

Isaac said...

Ok I assume Katie and Luke aren't ever going to post a comment on this so I will tell the answers now.
1. Balcony
2. Five ducks
There you go!