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Monday, February 6, 2012

Caleb's Birthday and Zakopane

Hello! Caleb had a birthday less than a week ago! We also went to Zakopane! Here are some pics:
Naomi is only saying "cheese!" but looks like she is having the happiest time on earth:

We went to this restaurant called Pizza Dominum. It has THE BEST pizza!

Here is the view from our apartment's balcony:

This is me standing by our apartment staircase:

This is one of Caleb's Lego sets:

It is the fire station, as you can tell. Here is the large fire truck and it's garage:

Here is the smaller truck with it's garage:

Here is Caleb with the fire station box:

Me with Pringles that he got:

Me trying to get Jasper to come down our steps:

Cool, huh?


Grammy said...

Cool yes. I especially like Jasper looking at you coming down the steps! Sounds like everyone had a wonderful time. The scenery was sure great. and Naomi with her cheese smile!

I'm Katie B. said...


My name is Luke Burchett. said...