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Friday, January 13, 2012


Hey! Just wanted to tell you about my epic Friday. Well, first we went to KFC, I had THE BEST dinner in a long time. Next thing epic was I GOT MY OWN HULA HOOP!!! (In case you don't know I've thought they were awesome for a long time.) Next, you know how I ordered a couple LEGO Cities on Amazon? They came in early!

P.S. I'll give you some pics of my LEGO  Cities soon.


Grammy said...

I love it that you had an EPIC Friday!!! KFC is good stuff. Those LEGO sets were something to really get excited about. I looked up Lego City stuff and it isn't priced too bad at all. If you and Caleb would like we can get some of those for your birthday and bring it with us when we visit in May????
Love you bunches, Grammy (bang,bang)

Isaac said...

THAT SOUNDS AWESOME!!! (I meant the bringing LEGO City sentence.)

I'm Katie B. said...

seriosly Isaac!

Isaac said...

What do ya mean seriosly?