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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Kid's Marathon

Hi! We have been training for this 1.2 mile Kid's Marathon for about a month, and today we did it! As I already said, it was 1.2 miles long. Mom also did a 5-K marathon. It was fun! We woke up at 6:15 to get ready, and left around 6:30. It was freezing cold! Before our marathon started, we saw this Chick-Fil-A (Have you ever been there? It is awesome) stand thingy. We went over there, and there were two wheels. When you spun them, depending on where the wheel stopped, you would get a prize! I won a coupon for an ice cream on the first wheel, and a Chick-Fil-A bookmark (Which was good, because I didn't have any) on the second. After the marathon, Me and Caleb each got a medal. It was awesome!!!


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Katie B. said...

sounds like you had a nice day:)