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Monday, July 16, 2012

Zakopane II

Guess what! If your Katie then you already know this...rrrrrrrrr. Well, WE WENT TO ZAKOPANE AGAIN!!!!!!!! It was so epic! OUR APARTMENT HAD A PLAYSTATION 3 IN IT, ALONG WITH AN AWESOME GOLFING GAME!!!!!!! I got so much farther on the DS game I have been playing a lot lately, Spiderman Web of Shadows. We also got to go IN A CAVE! It had an average temperature of a frigid (actually not so frigid to most of us.) of 7 degrees celsius, and was full of stalegtites, stalegmites, pools of water, and epicness. Our apartment (Not our room.) also had a great pool. I could touch on a bunch of parts of it, and where I couldn't, I almost could. The pool had three sections, one was the super shallow section, where even Naomi could touch, the semi-deep section where I could barely touch if I was on my tiptoes in shallower parts of it, and the hot tub.We also went to a water park. I just played in two sections, really. The super shallow section, which was thirty cm. deep, and the deep section, I can't remember how deep it was, but I know it was either 100cm. deep, or 130cm. deep. We also went to a carnival! Me and Caleb did some bumper cars, Me, Caleb, and Dad rode on MY FIRST ROLLER COASTER! Then we all got to pick out one more ride to do. Caleb chose to do a trampoline jump thingy, Naomi rode on a little train, Andrew and Dad rode on this ride where you get in a seat and going around in circles (Not very fast.) and go up at the same time. I chose to do the roller coaster a second time. Then we got lody and went back to our apartment.
I'll put this post's pics in another post, because this post would just go on forever otherwise, OK?
That's all,

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Grammy said...

I thought I had already commented but I guess not. Well....those are spectacular pictures! and it sounds like you guys had a really wonderful time.I like you in the hat. A real dude.
Love Greammy