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Saturday, June 23, 2012


Hey! Today was the most awesome Saturday ever! First of all, as soon as Me and Caleb got up in the morning, we went to this special thing at a mall, and you would NEVER guess what it was! IT WAS THE LEGO CITY FIRE ACADEMY! What you did there was so fun! There were a bunch LEGO building experts there, and they were building a LIFE SIZED FIRE TRUCK! It might have even bigger than a normal life sized fire truck! But the really cool part was... WE GOT TO HELP! The people who were building the fire truck in the first place...well, they used special bricks (The "special bricks" were actually a whole bunch of bricks stacked together.) and WE BUILT THEM! It was soooooooooooooo fun, and that's not all that we did! Once we were done building, we found a Pizza Hut! We at lunch there. After Pizza Hut then we went to a go-cart track! WE GOT TO RIDE THE GO-CARTS!!! THEY HAD A TOP SPEED OF 80 KILOMETERS AN HOUR!!! After the go-carts we went home. That night, we went out for pizza, AGAIN!          
It was amazingly good! I ate FIVE HUMONGOUS PIECES!!! Once we finished, we went to a park that had a huge sandbox, a playground, and and an EPIC climbing tree!
Here are some pics:
Naomi and Andrew at go-carts:
 Me and Caleb at the LEGO fire academy :
 Andrew at go-carts:
 The pictures below are us (Me, Caleb, and Dad.) go-carting:

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