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Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Here are some codes to crack! (Post the answers in my comments.) There are some hints about my next post. :D

  1. nilreb
  2. Lsehgiop
  3. Ldefgjoas
  4. picsense
Good luck! P.S. After you post your answers, keep checking back for the real ones. (I'm not saying you won't get them right, but they're very difficult.)


Isaac said...


I'm Katie B. said...

OK codes,

I think one of them is pics,and leg????????

Isaac said...

That's incorrect, and there are also
4 codes. :(

Grammy said...

The first one is Berlin. I think the other three are Polish money.
Am I right?
Love Grammy

Isaac said...

Congrats, Grammy! Actually, you only got one right, but that one is HARD!