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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Big Move to Poland

Hello! I know I haven't Posted on my Blog for a VERY long time, but anyway, we just had a big move to Poland(I know that you might know that already.) We have already had quite a few adventures like the Mounds, and Wawel castle(vovle.) I especially like Poland's cheese. There are many types of cheeses here including gouda(goodu) and salami cheese. There are also tons of slugs!



Grammy said...

Tons of slugs!!! I don't think they would make good pets. I am anxious to see if you get a dog and name it Jack. I think it interesting how much you love the cheeses. I am so looking forward to when we come and get to try the cheeses with you. Is that castle the one that is real close to your house? I don't think I want to climb the Mound. Papa would probably love to do though.
Love, Grammy
(bang bang)

I'm Katie B. said...

No way! tons of slugs and cheese?
holy cow! :)

Isaac said...

I'm not kidding